Alloy 5052 aluminum sheet

About 5052 aluminum sheet

5052 Aluminum is optimal for sheet metal work and is very easy to form at room temperature.5052 aluminium bottle closure sheet has low density, light weight, smooth surface, good feel, flexible deformation after stamping, and is not easy to crack. Clear lacquer 5052 aluminum sheet for aluminum easy peel off end lid top, is organic coating on both sides, which is ideal materials for dry and non-processed foods.
The main applications are the following: milk powder and infant formula, instant coffee and tea, snacks and nuts, non-food items. "5052 aluminum sheet has very good weldability and good cold formability, so it is widely used in closure sheet materials industrial field. "

5052 aluminum alloy

Alloy 5052 is an aluminium–magnesium alloy, primarily alloyed with magnesium and chromium. 5052 is not a heat treatable aluminum alloy, but can be hardened through cold working.

Aluminium alloy 5052 contains nominally 2.5% magnesium & 0.25% chromium. It has good workability, medium static strength, high fatigue strength, good weldability, and very good corrosion resistance, especially in marine atmospheres. It also has the low density and excellent thermal conductivity common to all aluminium alloys. It is commonly used in sheet, plate and tube form.

Specs of twist off lid sheet:

Alloy 5052
Temper H16/H14 /H19
Thickness 0.20-0.30mm
Length 800-1000mm
Width 800mm -1000mm
Packing Wooden case, wooden pallet if request.

Size and deviations from the size

Thickness tolerance -0+0.5mm
Width tolerance -0+0.5mm
Length tolerance -0+0.5mm

Deviations of the forms/shapes:

Deviations of the straight for hardness of the longitudinal border max 1mm
Deviation of flatness max 4mm
Rectangularity: max difference in the diagonals 3mm
Dislocation between the sheets max 2mm

Surface of the sheets

  • The surface of the aluminum sheet for jar cap shall be oil-free
  • No corrosion and burnt lubricant on the surface
  • No scratches and staining on the surface.

Available Surface types

  • Plain mill finish aluminum sheet for jar cap
  • One side golden/white/red/blue/black, etc. other side protective lacquered
  • Both sides clear/transparent lacquered

Mechanical data:

Resistance to stretching Rm Min 180 Mpa Max 220 Mpa
Yield strength Rpop Min 145Mpa
Elongation Min 2%

Clear lacquer Aluminum foil sheet Coating:

1. Both sides clear epoxy varnish

2. One side clear epoxy varnish, the other side color coated.

Clear lacquer Aluminum foil sheet Coating thickness:

Golden color /yellow color: both sides coating 5-6g/m2, one side coating 2-3g/m2.

White/red/black/blue color: Both sides coating 10-13g/m2.

Clear lacquer Aluminum foil sheet Coating quality:

Boiling Resistant: Boiling 121 degrees for half an hour, the paint does not fall off, do not change color.

Resistance to acetone and mercuric chloride: repeatedly wiping 20 times without significant stripping

Application of 5052 aluminum sheet

Typical closure application: Aluminum easy open ends, easy open can lid, easy open can parts, aluminum ring pull.

Application of 5052 aluminum sheet

Packaging of 5052 aluminum sheet/

To ensure that the surface of the 5052 aluminum sheet/plate is intact without scratches, we will clamp paper and cover film on the 5182 aluminum sheet/plate.
The plastic or kraft paper package is used for moisture-proof and rainproof to ensure that the 5052 aluminum plate is clean and free from dirt during transportation.
We add wooden support and reinforce it with a steel belt to avoid collision during transportation and ensure the shape of the 5052 aluminum plate is unchanged; Export products are all packaged in wooden cases and brackets marked with fumigation.

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