Aluminium Bottle cap material FAQ

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  1. What is aluminum PP cap sheet?
  2. What aluminum materials are used for the ROPP cap?
  3. Which alloy aluminium sheet can be used for bottle cap?
  4. What is aluminum cap?
  5. What metal are bottle caps made of?

What is aluminum PP cap sheet?

aluminum PP cap sheetare used to seal a wide variety of glass bottles and bottle cans for soft drinks, nutritional drinks and the like. We provide closure sheet materials to meet customer needs for closures that protect a container's contents, open easily and are highly convenient.

Aluminium PP cap closure stock material consists of Aluminium sheets and coil for manufacturing of ROPP caps or closures or caps for bottles.These are available in various alloys, temper, thickness, custom made sizes and are suitable for long and short draw.Custom sizes, thickness and sheets sizes are made as per specifications and requirements of customer.

What aluminum materials are used for the ROPP cap?

In order to ensure that the bottle cap is easy to print after forming, the flat surface, no roll marks, scratches and stains are required for the bottle capping material. The general alloy state is 8011 H14, 3003 H16 and so on. The general thickness of the material is 0.20mm to 0.23mm, and the width is 449mm to 796mm. The production of aluminum bottle cap material can be made by hot rolling billet or continuous casting and rolling, and rolled by cold rolling.

Which alloy aluminium sheet can be used for bottle cap?

Top Four alloy Aluminum Sheets for making bottle Caps

1060 aluminum sheet is used to make cap in a way of combining with plastic. Because the aluminum-plastic combined part will contact the liquid in the bottle, most of which are applied to the cosmetics industry, and some is applied to the pharmaceutical industry. The aluminum sheet thickness is generally 0.17-0.5 mm.

8011 aluminum foil meets the requirements of international food-grade packaging materials, and the surface is water-brushed A-grade, degreasing clean and free of foreign matter. Its content of heavy metals does not exceed 0.25 parts per million, ensuring the safety and hygiene of 8011 aluminum foil.

5052 aluminum strip is mainly used for the bottle cap of the can. With magnesium, its hardness is relatively better than that of other alloys, which ensure the good shape of cans during the transportation. In addition, it is the most widely used anti-rust aluminum.

3105 aluminum sheet is an ideal material for the production of bottle caps. It is very suitable for the manufacture of bottle caps for long-necked wine bottles, beverage bottles, sodas, juices, energy drinks and high-end cosmetic caps. It is also a favorable material for red wine and heavy wine withe the size of 30-60 mm.

What is aluminum cap?

Aluminum caps are used to close glass bottles filled with mineral and natural waters, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical and technical contents or juices.

What metal are bottle caps made of?

There are two types of bottle caps: steel and aluminum. Both types are made of recyclable materials, so you might think you can just throw them into your recycling cart.