Alloy 1060 aluminum strip

About 1060 aluminum strip

Grade 1060 and 8011 aluminium plain strip, 1060 8011 aluminium lacquered strip is used for Injection vial seals. The bottle cap material can be exquisitely processed from 1060h24 stamped aluminum plate material, and used for packaging of alcohol, beverages (containing gas, not containing gas) and medical and health care products, and can meet the special requirements of high temperature cooking and sterilization; " Haomei aluminium offer 1060 aluminum strip is used for injection vial seals. Because 1060 strip is easy to make and cheap price, in many countries 1060 strip is used for injection vial, which is still very common, Haomei aluminum could offer plain aluminum strip, lacquered aluminum strip, coated aluminum strip in color of golden, white, red, blue, black etc, one sides color, both sides lacquered etc. "

1060 aluminum strip

Specs of twist off lid sheet:

Alloy 1060
Temper H16/H14 /H19
Thickness 0.15-0.30mm
Width 300-1000mm
Inner diameter Paper core 76mm, 152mm and 80mm without core.
Outer diameter 500-800mm

Surface Type:

a.Plain mill finish aluminum strip
b.DOS oil lubricated finish
c.Chromated finish
d. One side golden/white/red/blue/black,etc other colored, other side protective lacquered
e. both sides clear/transparent lacquered

Application of 1060 aluminum strip foil

vial aluminium seals,aluminium tear off seal,aluminium flip-off vial seals, aluminium closures, pharmaceutical caps, pull-off aluminum cap, aluminum seal cap for injection vial,aluminum cap for injection bottle.

Application of 1060 aluminum

Packaging of 1060 aluminum strip/

To ensure that the surface of the 1060 aluminum strip/foil is intact without scratches, we will clamp paper and cover film on the 1060 aluminum strip/foil
The plastic or kraft paper package is used for moisture-proof and rainproof to ensure that the 1060 aluminum strip is clean and free from dirt during transportation.
We add wooden support and reinforce it with a steel belt to avoid collision during transportation and ensure the shape of the 1060 aluminium strip/foil is unchanged; Export products are all packaged in wooden cases and brackets marked with fumigation.

Packaging of 1060 Aluminium strip