Alloy 8011 aluminium sheet for ropp caps

About 8011 Alloy aluminium sheet

8011 Aluminum is an ideal material for PP Caps of whiskey bottles and other beverage bottles.8011 alloy sheet is of light weight, superior barrier property and good formability. "Haomei Aluminium being the pioneer in almost every metal packaging application and with long experience, has gone into backward integration and have started production of Closure Stock Coil in alloy of AA8011, temper – H2, thickness varying between 0.15 mm – 0.20 mm to suit the growing demand in the packaging field. Modern sophisticated printing process of Haomei Aluminium has enabled the Company to give option for supplying Sheet, Ready to Print Sheet and Printed Sheet to clients."

8011-h14 aluminium sheet for the production of closures and caps,8011 aluminum sheet/coil applications range from screw caps for whiskey and other beverage bottles to aluminum closures for wine bottles.

Haomei Aluminum

Aluminum pp cap sheet's greatest qualities are drawability and lacquer adhesion, guaranteeing the highest quality printing of drawings and designs. The most common alloy for closures is 8011 alloy, which has good formability, good earring rate and flatness, so as to make sure the long cap deep drawing. It often used as ROPP caps for wine bottles, and other beverage bottles.

8011 Aluminium sheet is used for the bottle cap market. Using a unique rolling technology, Haomei supplies aluminium sheets ideally suited to manufacture the caps for long neck wine bottles, extremely deep drawn and decorated closures, plus a range of pilfer proof caps for beverage bottles, soft drink, juice, isotonic beverage, energy beverage, and other products, such as the 30x60 mm specifications are often used in the wine and spirits segment.


Best class formability, flatness, rectangularity and unwavering surface properties.

Stable deep drawing quality to make sure highest rates of materials rate.

Various processes and technologies can meet the requirements of various surfaces.


Alloy 8011
Temper H14, H16, H44, H46
Thickness 0.2-0.25mm
Width 500-1000mm
Length 500-1000mm

Chemical Compostions Aluminium closure sheet

Alloy Fe Si Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ni Ti Other Al
Each Total
8011 0.60~1.0 0.50~0.9 0.1 0.2 0.05 0.05 0.1 - 0.08 0.05 0.15 Remain

Mechanical Property for Continuous Casting

Thickness (mm)
U.T.S (Mpa)
Elongation (%)

Mechanical Property for Direct Casting

Alloy Temper Thickness (mm) U.T.S (Mpa) Elongation (%)
8011 H14 0.15~0.25 125~155 ≧2

Surface type:

Plain mill finish

DOS oil lubricated finish

Chromated finish

One side golden/white/red/blue/black, etc., other side protective lacquered

both sides clear/transparent lacquered

Application of Aluminium pp cap Sheets

Typical closure application: Ropp caps, PP cap, roll on pilfer proof cap, aluminum pilfer-proof cap, pilfer proof closure, aluminum bottle cap, aluminum screw cap, tear off caps, flip off caps..

Application of Aluminium pp cap Sheets

Packaging of Aluminium pp cap Sheets

The basic packing method is clamps, but we can also provide packaging according to your needs.

Packaging of Aluminium pp cap Sheets