Alloy 8011 aluminum strip

About 8011 aluminum strip

8011 aluminium alloy strip is a common aluminum foil alloy with iron and silicon as the main alloying elements. It has been widely used in sealing packing of cosmetic bottles, beverage bottles and air conditioning aluminum foil because of its good deep drawing performance and low earing rate. " Haomei Al.aluminium offer 8011 aluminum strip for injection vial seals since long time ago, because 8011 strip is easy to make and cheap price, in many countries 8011 strip for injection vial is still very common, haomei Al.aluminum could offer plain aluminum strip, lacquered aluminum strip, coated aluminum strip in color of golden, white, red, blue, black etc, one sides color, both sides lacquered etc. " Recently Haomei Al.aluminium produce 1060 aluminum strip injection vial seals, which is quite popular in China, used for pull-off aluminum caps.

8011 aluminum strip

We have good advantages in coated aluminum, which is used for aluminum caps, especially pharmaceutical aluminum caps. Our products include aluminum coil, aluminum sheet and aluminum foil.The coating is divided into two main categories, namely, lacquered aluminum coils and colour-coated aluminum coils. Both of them can be one-side coated or double-side coated. We have various colors in RAL and Pantone..

Aluminium flip tear off seal vial cap normally was made by 1060, and to be anodized so as to protect its surface. However anodizing process shall cause a lot waste water, and this water pollute environment.

Nowadays Aluminium flip tear off seal vial cap is normally use 8011 H16/H14 to make it, lacquered by epoxy clear varnish, or lacquered in different colors, normally in yellow color, golden color, red color, blue color and black color.

Lacquered Aluminum strip Specification:
8011 H16/H14 Thickness 0.15--0.30mm, Width: 30mm ---1000mm
Inner diameter: Paper core 76mm, 152mm and 80mm without core.
Outer diameter: 1200mm, normally OD: 500--800mm.
Packing: Wooden case, wooden pallet if request.

Lacquered Aluminum strip Coating:
1. Both sides clear epoxy varnish
2. One side clear epoxy varnish, the other side color coated.

Lacquered Aluminum strip Coating thickness:
Golden color/ yellow color: both sides coating 5-6g/m2, one side coating 2-3g/m2.
White/ red/ black/ blue color: Both sides coating 10-13g/m2.

Lacquered Aluminum strip Coating quality:
1. Boiling Resistant: Boiling 121 degrees for half an hour, the paint does not fall off, do not change color.
2. Resistance to acetone and mercuric chloride: repeatedly wiping 20 times without significant stripping

Surface type:

a. Plain mill finish aluminum strip

b. DOS oil lubricated finish

c. Chromated finish

d. One side golden/white/red/blue/black,etc other colored, other side protective lacquered

e. both sides clear/transparent lacquered

Test item: autoclave test, Hgcl2 test;

Tensile strength: 130-155mpa;

Elongation: 2.5-3.5%;

Earring: 2% Max;

Application of 8011 Aluminium strip

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Application of 8011 Aluminium strip

Packaging of Aluminium pp cap Sheets

Alloy 8011 Aluminium strip products of Haomei Aluminum meet the export standard. Plastic film and brown paper can be covered at customers’ need. What’s more, wooden case or plywood box is adopted to protect products from damage during the delivery. There are two kinds of packaging, which is eye to wall or eye to sky. Customers can choose either of them for their convenience. Generally speaking, there are 2 tons in one package, and loading 18-22 tons in 1×20′ container, and 20-24 tons in 1×40′ container

Packaging of 8011 Aluminium strip